Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have a question about organic food delivery from Cos Organic Store, how to place an order or where we source our products, take a look at these frequently asked questions. Alternatively, get in touch and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

Deliveries cost is $5 but all deliveries over $100 is FREE

At the time when the order is made please inform us where we can place the order in a safe place if no one is home or if unattended.

We will take a photo and send via sms / email that the box have been placed and delivered for confirmation.

Please note that Cos Organic Store will not be responsible for unforeseen damaged or theft once the box has been delivered.

We strongly suggest that the fresh produce to be stored immediately to keep it as fresh as possible.

Fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh in the refrigerator. Storing your fruits and veggies inside your crisper drawer will ensure your ingredients are kept fresher for longer.

We source our fresh produce from Melbourne wholesale Markets from Organic and Bio dynamic suppliers, which they source from local and Aussie farmers that has been ACO (Approved with Organic Certifications), ensuring that they comply with national and international standards for organic farming and process.

Cheltenham Organic store continues to be a family run business, for more than 40 years trusted in our local community and experienced within our community. So we will ensure you that we will never substitute or mix with conventional produce.

YES we do Deliver to Apartments but please give us special instructions on how we can enter the building and to place the boxes if unattended.

If your box hasn’t arrived latest by 6pm on Tuesday please immediately call/ text 0412047588 or 0395838754 and we will immediately assist and track where your order is.