Reusable Produce Bags By Onya

Reusable Produce Bags By Onya

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Good on ya Onya!

Onya makes reusable produce bags from 100% recycled drink bottles. Hallelujah.
These eco-friendly bags replace supermarket fruit and vegetable one-time-use plastic produce bags. They are available at COS in 5 and 8 bag packs.
The bags are strong and practical and are an easy way for us consumers to reduce our plastic use.

Simply place your fresh produce into the bags and weigh bag at the register. At home you can conveniently wash the fruit and veggies in the bags and then store in the fridge.

Onya bags allow produce to breathe unlike the one-time-use supermarket produce bags.

Onya reusable produce bags:

  • have a drawstring closure
  • hold up to 2 kg in weight
  • are washable > cool, hand-wash
  • weigh less than 1 gram each bag
  • 30 x 25 cm in size
  • come with a stuff-able pouch and clip

That’s a great idea…some more uses:

  • for buying bulk goods: dried fruit, nuts, grains
  • laundry bag
  • nut milk bag
  • herb drying
  • a salad spinner: one of our customers’s came up with this one: simply put your salad greens in an Onya bag, wash under water, hold the string and whiz it around outside.

For more ways to reduce your plastic consumption read Australian Ethical’s 22 tips to stop using plastic.

The power is in our choices as consumers to help pave the way for a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

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