Green and Clean on the Inside

Green and Clean on the Inside

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When You’re Green on the Inside You’re Clean on the Inside

Familiar with this saying?

The fact remains that uncooked greens, think Kale and Spinach (but please cook your broccoli for your thyroids sake), provide a great source of folate, which is sensitive to heat.

This is especially true for the high percentage of the population carrying MTHFR gene variants which make it difficult for them to convert folic acid into methionine which is extremely necessary in high histamine types (Perfectionists, highly anxious types) as well as for adequate detoxification.

Synthetic folate added to commercial baked goods will not be absorbed by many, leaving green leafy vegetables to be essential components of our diets.

Green leafy vegetables are also important for children especially during rapid periods of growth.

How to get your children to eat uncooked greens?

Start by putting them on the table, and then on their plates, perhaps even plain spinach leaves at first, put them in juices, smoothies, add at the last stage to risotto or pasta as it goes on the plate, in sandwiches or wraps, and then when they do eat their greens, put on your best poker face and don’t say a word, eating good food is its own reward.

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- By Monica Shepherd – Naturopath & Nutritionist at COS

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