“COS” now has available a range of Organic Wines, Beers & Ciders

“COS Cafe” 

“Best Coffee South of CBD” comment from Interstate visitor.

Organic Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices
Fruit Smoothies
Organic Espresso Coffee

Fresh Produce News:

What’s in

Tomatoes – Round & Roma & also fantastic Cherry Toms.

Avocado’s – Hass, Reed

Beans – Green Round,

Broccoli –  Large Firm & Tight Heads, Also Baby Broccoli

Cabbage –  Green & Red, small size nice & firm

Cauliflower – Nice size firm heads

Chinese Greens – Pak Choi and Bok Choi

Mushrooms – White (punnets only)

Root Vegetables –  Carrots,  Daikon, Beetroot, Parsnip, Turnips, Celery

Variety of Herbs

Parsley – Continental



Leafy Produce

Kale – Green, Black

Chard – Rainbow

Spinach Bunched


Salad, Rocket & Baby Spinach leaves, Iceberg Lettuce

Potatoes – Rosie, Sebago, Dutch Creams

Pumpkins – Jap, Butternut

OnionsBrown, Red & Spring