Lisa is now at COS

I’m a degree qualified Naturopath (Bachelor of Health science- Naturopathy) and I’ve been working with all walks of life in different areas of the health industry for just over 18 years. I have a very broad knowledge base from bodybuilding/fitness and vitamin stores to pharmacies and spiritual health centres. My experiences and skills have shaped my holistic healthcare approach, which involves treating you on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually so that your body can find its equilibrium and you can feel truly healthy.
I am continuously updating my knowledge, research and skills because my biggest belief is that with knowledge and understanding of what’s going on with your body and why, teamed with learning how to work with it not against it, the sky is the limit with living your healthiest, happiest, fittest life.
• My specialty areas are:
• Gut Health – IBS, bloating, Leaky gut, SIBO, malabsorption and food intolerances
• Mental health – Anxiety, stress, lack of life purpose, looping thoughts
• Low energy, poor sleep and fatigue
• Nutritional overhaul, detox and weight loss. Overall body composition change
• Acute illnesses such as colds, flu’s and gastro
• Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, anti-aging
• Acute self- prescribed supplement review- when, where, and how to take what you’ve been prescribed by others or self prescribed in order to get the best results

Lisa has a variety of appointment types and times available, she is always willing to have a chat and see where she can help you on your path to better heath. To contact & book with Lisa send an email