The potato sure does cop slack these days, off nearly all trendy diets. However, prepared in the right way it’s one of the richest sources of Resistant Starch.

Resistant starch is ‘resistant’ to digestion and functions much like insoluble fiber as it reaches the colon undigested allowing friendly bacteria to feed, when these bacteria digest the resistant starch, one of the compounds they form is butyrate which then fuels the cells that line the colon.

So, the take home note here is if you are suffering from a digestion illness or just want to improve your gut health which is akin to your second brain, start by slowing consuming resistant starch.

The good news for potato is that if you roast it and then consume it cooled you are optimizing the resistance starch content.

By Monica Shepherd, Naturopath & Nutritionist at COS Organic Store

Organic Potatoes - Rich in Resistant Starch

Here at COS we stock organic potatoes, so roast and cool those spuds!