The Beginning:

COSCheltenham Organic Store  has been established for over 30 years.  It is one of the oldest and most respected organic stores in Australia.  It was set up in a factory in the Melbourne Bayside suburb of Cheltenham by the Wade Family due to personal health problems.  At that time they had difficulty sourcing organic produce for themselves and so decided to approach farmers and on-sell to others who also needed to avoid chemicals in their diet.

COS Organic Shop

The Store: COS continues to be a family run business which is jam packed with organic produce.  COS believes that being “green”, that is organic, doesn’t mean a compromise on quality or freshness.  In fact, market days are Monday & Thursday, so the fruit and vegetables are always fresh and vibrant. But more importantly, COS believes that organic fruit and vegetables should be affordable.

The store has lead the way in holistic health in that it includes a Natural Therapies Clinic with herbal dispensary and rooms for massage and other modalities. People come from all over Melbourne because of its extensive range of products and health knowledge.

As part of the team, there is a NaturopathRemedial Massage Therapist, Homeopath, Reiki Master, Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist and Permanent Make-Up Artist on site.

Along with knowledgeable and friendly staff, these practitioners contribute greatly to the ongoing success of COS.