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Who’s behind the counter?

COS has been open for more than 30 years and Tessa and Rod Weaver are only its third owners. The pair took over in 2011 but started shopping there when it first opened in the early 1980’s. The Weavers have been vegetarian for almost that whole time and try to live and promote a chemical-free existence, for both ethical and health reasons. “We find there’s two things people turn to when they’ve been sick – the first is organic and the second is God.” Rod says.

The Weavers have made several improvements to the shop since taking over, including installing a café and juice bar.

What’s in store?

Everything is organic, including certified fruit and vegetables, flours, grains, nuts, chips and other snacks, alcohol, chemical-free cleaning products and make-up, cookware, tea towels and chocolate. Two fully qualified naturopaths work on the shop floor offering free advice and consultations.

Who’s buying?

This is a destination for organic shoppers both locally and right down the Peninsula, aged from their teens to 80-plus-years old.

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